We are the experts in organising multi-utility siteworks, connections, disconnections and diversions, so you can avoid unnecessary costs and deliver your projects on time.

Our consultants take away the hassle so you can concentrate on more pressing matters. We reduce risk and help you to manage projects in smarter ways, delivering them on time and to budget, with no surprises or delays along the way.

Who we work for

We combine our background in utilities with construction experience across residential, commercial and mixed use projects, including refit and refurbishment.  With many years experience, we speak the same language as site managers, project managers, construction cost managers, quantity surveyors, architects and consultants.

Main Contractors

Our aim is to help you complete projects on time and within budget. As your dedicated utilities partner, we take on responsibility for timely coordination and project delivery. Our expert team will assist at all stages – a start to finish solution.

Builders and Contractors

Our teams will ensure you’re up to date with ever changing utility and metering regulations, providing support along the way to ensure your works can be completed, are compliant, and fit for your client requirements.

Mechanical & Electrical Contractors

Our experience means we understand that working with the STAT utility providers can be an unwanted distraction.  Valuable time can be lost from your design commitments. Our teams are focused on removing this administrative burden and using our network of providers to compliment your designs.


Regardless of your experience or indeed the size of the project, our expert team are avaiable to assist with all stages of utility infrastructure and metering connections. An end-to-end process managed with your project requirements in mind at all times

We deal with utility networks so you don’t need to. Contact management, project management and technical co-ordination skills ensure an outstanding service that adds real value to a project.

Bespoke solutions: co-ordination is the key

100% independent, we take the pain away from a process that can be a massive drain on resources. Using a tried-and-tested process, we know the right applications to make to the right people at the right time through to final handover, so a project stays on track. The result is a best-fit solution for a specific project, location and programme of work — saving you countless person-hours, avoiding unnecessary costs and helping you hit your deadlines.

Uniquely, we can combine this with a full range of Building Design Services designed for developers, architects and facilities providers.

Our expertise

Covering electricity, gas, water, telecoms/ICT, sewerage and other utilities and services, we handle all aspects of connection, relocation and disconnection for all industrial, commercial and residential settings. Our experience in multi-utility connections spans sectors including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, government, transport, leisure and hospitality.

We can advise and support projects from the earliest stages, and we are acknowledged problem solvers: if an issue arises onsite, no matter how complex, we will have dealt with it before.

How you benefit

  • Avoid unnecessary delays and unnecessary costs
  • Ensure all utility activity is professionally managed and co-ordinated at every step
  • Save up to 40% on connection costs
  • Get a best-fit solution: provider quotations differ, with a cost variance of up to 70%
  • Access preferential metering rates: we connect more than 3,000 meters each year
  • Peace of mind through a single point-of-contact who liaises with all providers plus a highly responsive Query Management System

Get connected

Save time and money on your next project: from feasibility studies and budget costings to arranging temporary supplies, Building Network Operator (BNO) design and calculating flow rates and cable sizing to utility diversions, final connection and handover, we take care of the entire process.

Making use of Consultus Building Design Services at the same time means all design and compliance (Part L) requirements are managed under the same roof in a cost-effective way.

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