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David Peake at Consultus shares his COP26 conclusions

As champions for climate change, our team ventured to COP26 last week to see what the implications would be for businesses.Key takeaways for me included:The focus on accelerating the transition to clean energy.  The use of coal as an energy source is quickly coming to an end, according to the United Nations, and at least 23 nations have made new commitments to phase out coal power.Improving Electric Vehicle infrastructure has been a hot topic as we move towards committing to an ‘all-electric’ future.  It’s estimated that the UK will need an estimated 10 times more EV charging points by 2030.  Greenwashing – businesses who are looking to massage their environmental credentials can be causing more harm than good, not just to the environment, but to their reputation.  It’s no surprise that unethical approaches to sustainability will be put under the spotlight.As the journey towards Net Zero accelerates, you’re no doubt looking at how to improve your sustainability credentials without it causing your business too much of a headache.Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to chat about your goals and how to reach them. Find out more about our Net Zero services here.

David Peake is Chief Strategy Officer and Sustainability Director at Consultus International Group.


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