Our consulting approach enables you to make the right decisions at the right time, minimising risks in planning, procurement and management of your net zero journey and your business electricity, gas and water. Profit from new opportunities – to a five-year horizon if needed.

Balancing risk with reward

From designing long-term purchasing and risk strategies and managing risk end-to-end to providing light-touch ad hoc support, our market insights combined with many years’ experience mean we can confidently take a position and provide informed advice at all times: whatever the scale of a client’s operations or its requirements.

Whether understanding the bigger picture or dealing with highly specific client risk profiles and capitalising on fast-moving market developments, we are proven.

Market and risk analytics

We track energy and utility markets in real time, analysing Market Trends & Activity to identify opportunities and threats.

This analytical insight and risk intelligence underpins effective purchasing and procurement strategies: what to buy and when, and when not to buy. Global risk intelligence drawn from multiple sources is sifted and assessed hour-by-hour by our specialists. This enables you to understand a changing risk landscape and its cost implications, covering both Price Risk in fluctuating markets and Legislative Risk covering third party costs and regulatory requirements.

Budget and forecasting

A fully delivered energy cost is made up of several components, however, these can be generically referred to as ‘energy costs’ and ‘third party costs’.

Third-party cost forecasts are updated regularly based on the latest market information, and given that wholesale energy markets trade up to four-years into the future, it can be relatively simple to measure a company’s future energy position on a daily basis. Utilising this methodology, we work with clients to create budget costs that best fit your commercial objectives. Married with daily financial reporting and robust risk controls, our consultative approach ensures that extremes of cost exposure are identified and managed.

Legislative risk

Being well-informed is the first step towards making the best energy management decisions to optimise business performance and success.

Today’s markets are transitioning at a rapid pace. Faced with high levels of uncertainty and volatility makes the industry susceptible to changes in legislation and regulatory risk across borders. Suppliers, Generators, Transporter and Shippers must contend with many ongoing legislative issues related to wholesale energy costs and the complexities associated with third-party charges. Third-party charges, aka non-commodity costs or pass through charges, constitute a growing proportion of business energy costs.

We regularly conduct deep dive analyses and deconstruct intelligence to track, investigate, evaluate and monitor likely risks, impacts and influences of all industry led change proposals, code modifications on client business energy costs and energy market factors. Our bespoke intelligence and technical bulletins enable you to keep abreast of changes to charging methodologies, industry code, policies, regulation and legislation.

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