Bringing consistency and rigour, we help our clients to improve their operations and achieve cost-savings: from placing metering contracts, installing AMR (Automated Meter Reading) and conducting site works to MOP (Meter Operator), Data Collection (DC) and Data Aggregation (DA) services.

Our starting position is to apply a consultative, client-driven approach. Tailoring delivery to meet client needs and operational requirements, we can provide everything from light-touch assistance to fully managed services – including managing new connections from a centralised point of control. We are available to manage infrastructure, supply requirements, metering and sub metering, administration and site monitoring.

  • Meter installation
  • Meter relocation
  • Supply alterations
  • Increasing or decreasing capacity
  • Meter disconnection
  • Temporary meter supplies

We can be involved as much or as little as clients require: from light-touch assistance to a fully managed service, including managing new connections from a central point.

MOP Management / Contracts

Organisations with half hourly (HH) electricity meters must appoint a meter operator and data collector. The Meter Operator (MOP) contract covers maintenance, fault resolution and the telecommunication infrastructure necessary to provide the supplier with consumption data. However, many organisations are paying too much for their MOP Agreements.

Our expert team can arrange more effective MOP agreements to reduce costs. We can also arrange consolidated agreements to aggregate MOP charges prior to going out to tender, taking Data Collection (DC) and Data Aggregation (DA) charges into an agreement to reduce costs further. Our independence from suppliers and ethical approach to doing business is an assurance of a better way of working.

Sub Metering

Our expert metering team is available to arrange, install and manage sub metering installations and data collection services for our clients: ensuring fast access to accurate usage data for all metered areas. These sub metering services can be used to monitor and understand utility consumption in specific parts of a building, for different cost centres, discrete operations and processes, individual assets and tenants.

Providing the same benefits as automated meter reading (AMR), sub metering means our clients can correctly track consumption and apportion costs based on actual usage of metered electricity or water. The insights provided for specific locations and activities can further support initiatives aimed at reducing demand, usage and costs.


We provide visibility: reliable monitoring and accurate insights, gathering essential consumption and cost data to help an organisation to better manage its operations and reduce costs.

A combination of trusted technology and huge industry experience means we are can track, analyse and report on energy consumption and performance across multiple dimensions and locations, including AMR smart metering and data collection services. The secure personalised myEnergy portal provides near or real-time insights into usage, consumption and costs across multiple sites and utilities – providing early warnings of unexpected levels of consumption- out of hours, perhaps – as well as revealing potential equipment malfunctions, identifying potential environmental concerns, and indicating new opportunities to reduce demand and gain efficiencies.

Performance Analysis

Effective performance analysis and reporting are essential to understand how the enterprise is accessing and consuming business energy and business water. Through channels that range from the personalised myEnergy secure portal to automated email alerts, we provide powerful analytics and bespoke reporting to, for example, pinpoint areas of current and potential wastage, to identify the best and worst performing sites, to track consumption and costs against budget – and help clients to develop rigorous plans and strategies for performance improvements.

  • Complex consumption and cost data made simple
  • Providing a holistic view of utility usage: across an estate, and including trend analysis
  • See where energy and water are being wasted
  • Identify potential efficiency gains
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Design more effective long-term strategies, including long-term reduction
  • Drive continuous performance improvements

DCDA Contracts – Data Collection and Data Aggregation

We are proven specialists in enabling the effective collection and processing of electricity, gas and water data. Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DCDA) costs (also known as settlement charges) are part of HH electricity bills – and these costs can vary widely from supplier to supplier. However, customers have been able to nominate their own Data Collector and Data Aggregator for 20 years. Many have not done this, with their supplier instead appointing their own preferred provider.

By arranging DCDA contracts through Consultus, organisations can receive a far clearer and more accurate picture of their energy usage, providing further opportunities to reduce demand, control spend, provide budget certainty and meet pressing environmental commitments. Meter readings are processed promptly and then sent to suppliers, meaning supply bills are accurate and issued in a timely manner, and with data settled fully in line with industry best practice.

EV Charging

More and more businesses across the UK are installing charging solutions at their premises as they begin to electrify their car or van fleets. At the same time, their employees, customers and visitors are already making the switch to electric cars as EV models become more attractive and affordable.

As one of the UK’s first TPI’s to offer EV Charging point solutions, Consultus can help your business achieve its sustainability goals, establish your green credentials and increase employee and customer satisfaction. With dedicated software, you will be able to track your energy usage and generate environmental reports and analytics.

Find out more information about Consultus EV Charging here.

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