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David Peake at Consultus shares the benefits of the future Net Zero tool

Lots of smaller businesses don’t know where to begin on their net zero journey – the future Net Zero Standard with CBM Expert provides a simple and easy way to get started.

That’s the advice from David Peake, Chief Strategy Officer at the Consultus International Group, who spoke to future Net Zero about the value the tool offers companies of all types and sizes.

He says that many mid-market firms and small businesses don’t necessarily have established emissions reporting systems, lack a solid foundation of data and are put off by other available solutions that can often prove complicated and expensive to use.

He added: “The FNZ Standard has given us a fantastic way of capturing where a customer’s position is – on top of that, our larger corporates have also shown an interest as they try and encourage their supply chain and obviously other parties in their broader engagement to get to net zero as well, so we see a two-pronged approach really, our mid-market and SME customers, and as a tool to support our larger companies’ aspirations.”

See what David has to say in a video recording of his thoughts here

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