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UK Power Outages – A Solution


Undoubtedly you will be aware that Friday the ninth of August saw widespread blackouts across the UK caused by two almost simultaneous outages at the Hornsea offshore wind farm and the Little Barford gas power plant.

The National Grid described the event as a “rare and unusual event” and that they wish to “understand the lessons learned”, industry experts insist ‘near-misses’ are on the rise and warn that the operator has known about the issue for years.

While much has been reported on the impact on homes and railway networks, little has been made of the blackout’s not inconsiderable effect on businesses. All sectors are reportedly affected by the power outage, with cost implications ranging from loss of revenue due to manufacturing downtime, to the requirement of specialist personnel needed to reboot systems.

The government has requested an inquiry to run separately to the report being put together by Ofgem.

Such outages can be caused by a myriad of factors; cyber-attacks, weather, system failures and human error. The impact on the economy is still to be estimated, but businesses are already being proactive in taking preventative measures, e.g. diversifying sources of channels of power.

We at Consultus already work with customers to provide reliable alternative power solutions to deliver cost savings, budget certainty and most importantly, in the wake of Friday’s outage, energy security through innovation. Consultus’ expertise and proven technology means clients can take their business off the grid.

A unique solution for local grid and energy resilience, this is a unique offer from a world-class provider: your own fully independent electricity generating plant and local grid, delivered by industry professionals with an outstanding track record.


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