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The Consultus International Group’s Graduate Scheme Is Now Underway

The Consultus International Group’s first-ever Graduate Scheme saw two new starters take up their training schedules this week.

It’s exciting times for Armin and Yeliz, who were whittled down from hundreds of graduates that were interested in joining the inaugural scheme.

This is part of a Consultus initiative to recruit and harness ‘grassroots’ talent, with bespoke roles created to shape the experience and progression of each graduate recruited.

Bradley Wilson (Commercial Director) and Peter Murdock (Recruitment Business Partner) have been the driving forces behind the Graduate Scheme, which is now taking full effect.

Bradley Wilson - Head of Sales

Bradley said: “We are delighted to welcome Armin and Yeliz to the Consultus family.

“The business has a passion and a commitment to bringing graduates into the organisation. The launch of our very own Graduate Scheme further supports that ambition. This is the first iteration of it, after a thorough hiring process.”

“Armin and Yeliz have done fantastically well to be shortlisted and then selected. There were over 300 graduates involved (with applying).

“I’m in no doubt that our new graduates will flourish within the progressive culture, that we have created. We are looking forward to seeing them grow, as individuals, along with the business.”

Armin and Yeliz are now going through Consultus’ onboarding academy and will then undertake a month-long commercial assignment, focussed on business acumen.

This will be followed by six-month strategic placements, in a service area, before enhancing their knowledge in another channel or a different department, over the two years of the Graduate Scheme.

Armin, aged 29, was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to the UK when he was six, growing up in Middlesbrough, then moving away for his studies.

He completed a bachelor’s degree, in Business and Law, at the University of the West of England (UWE), before continuing his education overseas.

Armin went on to achieve a master’s degree in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark.

A second master’s was then obtained in Sweden, where he managed to accomplish an advanced qualification in Digital Service Innovation.

Armin said: “I was specifically looking for a graduate scheme, because I wanted to get an overall insight into a business, which comes through that rotational element of working.

“The Consultus scheme is very adaptable and flexible, which fits my personality and way of thinking. If you have learned something, you can take it away with you.

“Beyond that, the sustainability and environmental protection nature of the job is something that is close to my heart. My intention is to champion these values. I’m going to be starting out in the International team, for my first six-month placement, which will suit my previous experiences from studying in European countries.”

Yeliz, 24, is from the Turkish city of Bursa and studied at undergraduate level in her homeland, which resulted in her gaining an International Relations degree from Bilkent University.

She then studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), graduating from the MSc Culture and Conflict in a Global Europe programme this month.

Yeliz said: “I’m going to be doing Net Zero, initially, and my bachelor’s degree was relevant to this.

“My dissertation was about how to make crypto-currency sustainable.

“From my bachelor’s degree, I’m into renewable energy and sustainability, so the job attracted me, along with the company’s achievements and goals.”

If you are interested in a career with Consultus, take a look at the latest job vacancies that are available by clicking here.

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