Few organisations have as much expertise as Consultus in deregulated utility markets, sustainability and the net zero journey. Our experience and in-house Intellectual Property enables our team to track developments to deliver the latest updates, opinions, price drivers, forecasts and technical bulletins to keep you informed – all wrapped up in your customised myEnergy portal.

myEnergy: secure online portal

A customised window on supply, consumption, demand and costs: reflecting our holistic approach to delivering whatever you need, Consultus clients have their own easy-to-use secure portal.

Customised to provide reports across multiple dimensions on operations, consumption and net zero alongside insights into the wider market landscape, myEnergy hosts all information required at any given time. This includes market updates, net zero reporting, alerts and commentary updated by our experts every few hours, to client-specific documentation, bill validation data and performance across multiple dimensions: how much energy is used, where and when, and across multiple international sites if needed.

You can control information flows and decide the insights you want visible, setting appropriate levels of authorisation, and using myEnergy on the move via smartphone and tablet.

Market and net zero reports

Information assets and resources include:

  • Jargon-free Weekly Market Insight on electricity, gas, oil and carbon
  • Daily Market Update and Price Focus  three times daily
  • Fortnightly Market Update Briefings – the latest market, economy, geopolitical and other trends
  • Monthly Utility Focus – a more in-depth look at key issues
  • Bespoke Utility ForecastsPricing Alerts and detailed Technical Bulletins


Uncertainty in wholesale costs and rising third-party charges in energy pricing have made it vital to use medium- and long-term forecasting in business, energy and net zero planning. We combine in-house models, market intelligence partnerships and industry forecasts to deliver cost assessments up to a five-year horizon.

Price drivers

Our specialists use expert knowledge and leading market intelligence sources to accurately interpret fundamental and technical price drivers across international utility markets in real time. Our analysis means you can understand the impact of breaking developments and changes to the legislative environment as well as future market drivers and wider geopolitical influences. We provide a clear and concise explanation of price drivers to support more effective procurement and management.

Technical bulletins

Navigating through the changing landscape of net zero and global energy markets can be confusing and daunting. Our technical bulletins provide world-class insight and expertise into industry, legislative and regulatory changes, keeping you abreast of hot topics in the industry and potential impacts, threats and opportunities.

This is a valuable source of jargon-free expert opinion and advice to help you make more informed decisions.

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