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Plastic Free July – Top Tips for Reducing Consumption

Plastic Free July (by the Plastic Free Foundation) is an international movement, aiming to challenge millions of people to change their habits, and reduce consumption when it comes to single-use plastics. By using less single-use plastics, we can have cleaner streets, oceans, communities, and overall, a cleaner world.

So what are some of the things you can do to switch to a plastic free world?

  • Use reusable coffee cups when grabbing that all important morning Costa
  • Use a refillable water bottle – or even reuse the last plastic water bottle you bought
  • Use stainless steel straws, rather than plastic straws
  • Use organic, bamboo or silicone when it comes to using cotton ear buds
  • Limit the use of plastic plates & cutlery – either opt out of using them the next time you order a takeaway, or buy an eco-friendly alternative
  • Use nature-friendly takeaway restaurants, not those who use plastic packaging for your food

However, the changes don’t stop there. In the commercial landscape, you should;

  • Procure suppliers based on their approach to plastic / impact on the environment
  • Encourage others in your workplace to change habits – encourage competition
  • Work with sustainability-keen stakeholders
  • Educate those around you who may not understand the impact of single-use plastics

Why is this relevant?

Every single day, it has been reported that 8 million pieces of plastic makes its way into our ocean, threatening our beautiful sea life. The ocean plays a vital role in decarbonising Earth’s atmosphere too. Therefore, the more plastic that ends up in the ocean, the more sea life is killed, and the more habitats are destroyed, all having a negative impact on Earth’s mission to reduce Carbon Dioxide

Consultus can help you and your business to make the changes needed for the future of the world and achieve Net Zero.

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