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Banks, insurers, investment houses and other financial services businesses – and their many supporting services including contact centres – often mean large estates with multiple sites, from office buildings, data centres and other essential IT facilities to high street branches. This, in turn, means significant demand for power, gas and other utilities.

In this environment, Consultus brings the potential to develop more effective procurement strategies: to negotiate more positive and increasingly beneficial gas, power and water contracts, to help reduce demand across the business, and ensure more utility-efficient, sustainable and compliant operations. Importantly, Consultus teams can provide an integrated approach: for all utility requirements, in all locations, and cross-border.

Our hands-on experience together with in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of utility markets and financial sector requirements enable Consultus teams to create bespoke strategies and deliver tailored solutions to meet a client’s precise set-up and requirements.


Consultus clients in financial services include Citibank and Santander.


With an open and transparent business style, our holistic approach extends from advice, negotiation and procurement to market intelligence, compliance and ongoing management. Consultus solutions and services for financial services include:

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