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Consultus has extensive knowledge in manufacturing, food processing and other related sectors, helping enterprise clients in the UK and internationally to optimise their operations, reduce demand and save money – particularly relating to the rising tide of non-energy related costs.

Energy is of course a significant cost for many manufacturing businesses, and non-energy elements are set to rise by more than 40% over the next five years. If enterprises fail to act now, these increases could be even greater.

In this environment, our expert teams advise clients and guide them through the challenges they face in the short-term and in the years ahead, including five-year forecasts on the state of utility markets including future electricity and gas costs, both wholesale costs and non-energy costs. In this way, we enable manufacturers to deal with the myriad issues they face in utility buying and management, including the planning and execution of more effective strategies for Demand Side Management.

Read our manufacturing case studies here: Fuller, Smith & TurnerH&H UK, and Sansetsu


Consultus clients in manufacturing and food processing include:

WhirlpoolToshibaAlexander DennisH+H UKBritish Ceramic TileFuller Smith & Turner, Sansetsu and Weetabix.


With an open and transparent business style, our holistic approach extends from advice, negotiation and procurement to market intelligence, compliance and ongoing management. Consultus solutions and services for manufacturing include:

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