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100% independent and impartial, Consultus focuses on helping public sector clients to achieve best value at all times while optimising their operations.

OJEU compliant and expert in public procurement policy, the Consultus Public Sector team has worked with government, local authorities, agencies and other organisations for more than 20 years: from formulating objectives and enabling more flexible procurement to consulting and providing tailored solutions in key areas including framework contracts, budget management, carbon reduction, compliance and Demand Side Management (DSM).

For example: Consultus expertise is delivering savings of up to 25% on annual energy costs for a flexible public sector consortium that includes Loughborough University, Salisbury NHS Trust, University of Leicester, Oxford Brookes University and others. The strategy allows the market to fall as far as possible while providing complete budget certainty; each organisation retains the degree of autonomy it wants. Many members receive benefit-against-budget of up to 20%, with total cost savings of £3.3m (gas) and £1.7m (electricity) in the first 18 months.


Consultus is available to provide solutions and services to national and devolved government departments and agencies, local authorities, NHS Trusts, schools, higher and further education establishments, the emergency services, housing associations and more.


With an open and transparent business style, our holistic approach extends from advice, negotiation and procurement to market intelligence, compliance and ongoing management. Consultus solutions and services for public sector and government include:

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