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Consultus experts know that effective utility management can have a significant impact on a retailer’s bottom line. In the grocery segment, for example, net profits may only average 1-2%, meaning a 10% reduction in energy cost might increase profits by some 5-10%.

From single locations and speciality retailers to multi-site convenience shops, large out of town retail sites and department stores, our Retail team helps businesses to focus on demand, consumption, waste and efficiency – across light, HVAC, refrigeration and more – and develop innovative procurement, reporting, real-time monitoring, management and compliance strategies.

Specific solutions for retail can include Sub Metering, Benchmarking, Seasonal Forecasts, Water Buying, Building Services, Compliance and Demand Side Management (DSM).


Consultus clients in retail include Superdry and Nisa.


With an open and transparent business style, our holistic approach extends from advice, negotiation and procurement to market intelligence, compliance and ongoing management. Consultus solutions and services for retailers include:

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