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I have been working with the company now for nearly 3 years, previously being an employee with British Gas Business for 15 years.  Initially I was very apprehensive about leaving British Gas and decided if I didn’t make the move I probably never would.  My time at Assured Energy has been a lovely journey, the support and training I received from management/peers and the wider group was fantastic.  I have built strong relationship within the business, and we all work very closely together very much like a large family.

I love the diversity of the job, the main role being procuring and securing energy contracts over a wide range of businesses.  An Energy Consultant is not just about securing contracts, its effective supporting and managing clients’ portfolios and requirements.  I personally get great satisfaction in knowing I have done a good job for my clients and this in turn enables me to grow my portfolio through referrals and covering all supplies.  I have in my time at the company become one of the top perfomers and won Consultant of the year, a lot of the credit must go to the management team as they have supported me not only in my day-to-day role, but also in developing my skill sets in many areas.  Working at Assured you are treated and respected as an individual and there is no micromanagement at all, you are given responsibility and tasks to complete with a fabulous support / admin team who are available as and when required.

The job allows the flexibility for a perfect home life balance with a lovely new office located in the city centre.  Making the move from British Gas to Assured has been a dream and I would highly recommend the company as a lovely place to work.

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