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What are the Heat Networks (metering & billing) regulations?

Introduced back in 2014, The Heat Networks Regulations were published with the intention to drive energy efficiency and carbon reduction across heat networks. Prior to this, as heat networks represent a relatively small proportion of UK heating systems, there were no regulations to comply with.

Through the installation of consumer-level metering, the intention is to promote the “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” message. There is of course the added benefit of being able to provide more accurate and clearer billing for end-users too.

The first stage of the regulations required operators of Heat Networks to simply notify the regulator of all heat networks under their control. The update in November of 2020 saw additional actions on operators for the installation of heat metering over the following 18months. There are significant financial implications for non-compliance.

What needs to be done and when?

Operators of Heat Networks are required to complete an updated notification to the regulator every 4 years. In addition, there are actions which relate to classifying buildings with Heat Networks. This is to undertake cost effectiveness assessments and install meters if it is deemed suitable.

From November 2021 Heat Network operators need to define buildings by class. This is defining which class the property falls into – Viable, Open or Exempt

Viable – meters must be installed. Open – meters installed if cost-effective. Exempt – no meters.

There is a requirement to complete a cost effectiveness assessment, which requires a building specific audit to assess whether the installation of heat meters or cost allocators is likely to be cost effective.

By 1st September 2022, the installation of heat meters / cost allocators must be complete where it is cost effective to do so.

How can Consultus International help?

Like most regulations there are complexities, and it can be challenging for businesses and property owners to understand if they need to comply. Consultus will review your portfolio and identify sites with a heat network and then manage the full process accordingly.

We will take care of cost-effectiveness and feasibility assessments where needed, and if there is a need to install metering or cost allocators, our specialist teams will coordinate accordingly. We undertake the design stage through to notifying the status with the regulator, and all stages in between.

We can even help with collecting and managing the associated data and client billing. Naturally, we will keep you updated of legislative developments too.

Contact our team and we will be happy to talk to you about your specific circumstances and how we can assist. Email us on or speak to your Consultus Account Manager.

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