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World Environment Day 2022

Celebrated every year on 5th June, World Environment Day, the United Nation’s vehicle for encouraging awareness and promoting action for the protection of the environment that we live in. First seen in the USA in 1974, World Environment Day is hosted in a different UN state each year, with this year’s event hosted by Sweden, with an ‘Only One Earth’ theme. The ‘platform’ has grown to see participation of over 140 countries annually, with each year providing a different theme to the day.

In line with World Environment Day, we have compiled some of our top tips on how you can help to protect the environment, and as a bonus, some of them will contribute to your Net Zero goals as an organization.

Reduce Food Waste

The equivalent of 790,000 double-decker buses (in terms of weight) of food is wasted each year in the UK. Be efficient with your food preparation and make the most of your food.

Limit Fast Fashion

The term ‘circular economy’ is ever present in today’s society. Keep products (in this instance, clothes) in use. So don’t chuck out your old clothes, donate them, or swap them.

Avoid single use plastics

Almost all plastics are made from chemicals that come from the production of earth-warming fuels such as gas, oil and coal. Plastic remains in our society for a long time, threatening animals and spreading toxins.

Wash clothes less often

It may surprise you to know that your clothes may be plastic, and so there is risk that every time you wash your clothes, plastic particles can often end up in the ocean. Washing your clothes less often can also save your usage of energy.

Be sustainable and buy sustainable

You must ensure that you as an organization are sustainable and show a commitment to social responsibility. Otherwise, you may deter people wanting to work with you. You should also purchase from sustainable companies for the same reason – show your commitment to social responsibility.

Use public transport

One idea that will help you achieve your Net Zero goals is encouraging yourself and your team to use public transport.

Walk or cycle to work

Even better than the use of public transport, walk or cycle!

Switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric

A big one on the agenda – switch to electric vehicles! Another tip that will help with your Net Zero ambitions is to see your fleet turn electric.

We can help you as a business to protect the environment, from the procurement of green and renewable energy, to engaging your workforce on how to contribute to Net Zero activities that will protect the environment. See more on our website or contact us at

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