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Consultus Corporate Governance

As a well-managed business and responsible corporate citizen, Consultus maintains an effective system of rules, practices and processes focused on corporate governance. These rules and behaviours govern how our company, its people and our commercial relationships are directed and managed.

These practices provide a framework for how we deliver for our customers and how we achieve our strategies and objectives.

Our guiding principles are accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility.

How we run our business

The Consultus board of directors is the main force that shapes, influences and ensures strong and informed corporate governance within the group.

In a broader operating landscape that we define as profit with a purpose, our corporate governance policies and procedures cover key areas that include:

  • Ethical behaviour: openness and transparency
  • Corporate strategy and stakeholder value
  • Environmental issues and sustainability
  • Leadership and management
  • Risk management
  • Compensation
  • Employee wellbeing and development
  • Behaviour and values
  • The communities where we live and work

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