We are the experts in building design services, working with architects, developers and other stakeholders to deliver immediate wins and long-lasting gains across a building’s lifecycle.

Our experience, in-house skills and flexible approach means we can address virtually any project and client requirement, from design and build to detailed design.

Consultus is unique in having a specialist Building Design practice inhouse. This means we can draw on the combined resources of other specialised teams working in net zero, sustainability, utility connections and siteworks, energy efficiency, carbon and compliance, green energy and offsets, cultural engagement, and more.

Who we work for

We have many years’ experience supporting building and construction projects UK-wide, including residential, commercial, mixed use, refits and refurbishment. We speak the same language as architects, designers, developers, engineers, contractors, quantity surveyors and consultants.


Advising on plans and designs to embed innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency in all areas

Building, Construction, Mechanical & Electrical

Expert consulting to make sure the right specifications are adopted and implemented


Industry leading skills and best practice in building design and net zero for projects of all sizes

Property Owners & Facilities Managers

Creating more comfortable, fit-for-purpose and cost-efficient spaces for people to live and work

How you benefit

We offer the A-Z of building design, sustainability, mechanical, electrical and public health services, helping to ensure buildings are fit for purpose and exceed client and user expectations from day one. The earlier you engage with a Consultus consultant, the more your project can benefit .

We can support you from the earliest stages of a building project, embedding high standard design details, energy efficiency and net zero concepts into specifications created for builders and contractors. Our approach extends from overarching strategies to specifics, such as the weight, size and location of essential plant equipment.

  • More cost-efficient, sustainable and comfortable buildings
  • Fit-for-purpose high quality living and working spaces
  • The highest design standards working for you
  • Complying with all necessary regulations and legislation
  • Ensuring buildings are on their net zero journey
  • More efficient equipment to minimize current and future energy demand
  • Positive impacts on the health & wellbeing of occupants
  • More maintainable systems to push lifespans to 20-30 years

Proven skills and industry know-how

We support residential, commercial and mixed use buildings in any location and for any sector, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, government, transport, leisure and hospitality.

  • Experts in building design, sustainable design, mechanical and electrical design
  • Shaping the right design strategies and policies, including links to the wider built environment
  • Advising teams on designing and maintaining comfortable fit-for-purpose spaces
  • Cost efficient designs to benefit owners and occupants throughout a building’s lifecycle
  • Delivering against all necessary building standards and energy/net zero regulation
  • Bringing innovative thinking and new tech to minimise carbon emissions and take you further on your net zero journey

We have wide experience in sectors including commercial (CAT-A and CAT-B), hotels, residential, retail, educational and healthcare including care homes, and expertise across all RIBA stages.

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