Complete UK water tender with financial analysis: we are specialists in Business Water supplies and services to better support your operations, reduce management headaches and help you save money.

The UK water market is fully open for business, which is great news for all business users, whether you are water-intensive or not. The major opportunity is to impose far greater control over this category spend, choosing who supplies your water needs: one retailer for all water and waste services. The benefits are clear: greater choice, consolidating multiple accounts and achieving discounts, with access to e-billing and online portals.

We currently provide Business Water services to clients including The Rank Group, Fuller Smith & Turner, Places for People Leisure, and Everyone Active.

  • More than £75 million worth of water contracts negotiated and signed since 2021
  • Saved clients over £1,100,000/annum vs default costs in the last 12 months
  • Annual water spend managed of more than £27,500,000
  • Procured a Water contract for 60+ clients and 5000+ supplies since 2017

The benefits are clear

We always go out to the whole market and we set the benchmark in pricing performance.

As a world class provider of utility buying, demand reduction and net zero services – and 100% independent of water suppliers – we can ensure you make savings in your tenderable clean water and wastewater services. We offer market leading contract and negotiation skills.

Major gains can arise from consolidating multiple services from different water suppliers into a single high-performance solution, saving you money, time and resources.

Cost savings are possible in multiple areas such as tariff optimisation, volumetric bandings, drainage bandings, cost comparisons, trade effluent, meter sizes/redundant meters, and VAT. Some charges can be backdated up to six years.

Water tendering and supply made easy

  • Bespoke services, tailored to your needs
  • Hands-on Account Management: single point of contact and accountability
  • Client-focused relationships based on transparency and trust
  • Historical audits and up-to-the-minute reviews of your water portfolio
  • Checking and validating supplier invoices quickly and accurately
  • Assessing and verifying suppliers: all UK providers covered
  • Market-leading contract tendering and negotiation
  • Reducing water demand through Demand Side Optimisation
  • Metering services focus on usage, anomalies and balancing supply/demand

Business Water services from Consultus

Portfolio Preparation

our deep knowledge of the UK utility landscape enables us to review every supplier of water to obtain the most competitive price for our clients.

Historical Audit

a vital part of the water supply optimisation process is an historical audit to identify erroneous charges for reclaim while setting a benchmark for pricing performance moving forward.

Tender Process

we offer a bespoke tender process where we undertake a whole market evaluation and provide a transparent price review, with full onboarding support and management.

Bill Validation

with thousands of possible tariff combinations across four key services, including 130+ regional volumetric water tariffs alone, market leading bill validation protects you from errors and unnecessary costs that can go undiscovered, ensuring mistakes do not re-occur.

AMR Services

installing automatic metering and monitoring for consumption granularity and to identify leaks and other consumption anomalies, accessing data through your AMR Portal: a major step forward in demand side optimisation.

Demand Reduction Activity

with the supply side optimised and AMR providing actionable information, demand side optimisation becomes a reality in an informed, accurate and targeted way: ROI business cases that cannot be ignored.

Your water journey with Consultus

Your water journey with Consultus


This is a rough timescale of the whole water tender process.

  • Send tender and receive prices within 2 weeks.
  • Negotiate prices down (2-3 days).
  • Send recommendation pack and chosen suppliers contract paperwork to client.
  • Send signed contract to supplier.
  • Wait for sites to switch (usually 2-4 weeks)

Moving forward with your business

Bespoke onsite consulting is available, as well as specialist activities such as assistance with applications for Trade Effluent consents and other wholesaler related activities. Additional services available from the Consultus team include New Technology Assessment & Deployment, Cost Management, Contract Optimisation, Project Management and Financing Solutions. Please get in touch for more details.

Currently, water market regulation only permits activity in the UK estate. Bill validation, cost management and reporting services can be extended to other operational regions as required.


It takes 2 weeks to get initial prices from suppliers.

This varies depending on the supplier, but on average it takes 2-4 weeks to switch.

Water prices are made up of the wholesale cost + the suppliers management fee. You can’t fix the wholesale charges as these are reviewed every April (usually increasing), but some suppliers do offer fixed management fees.

As of November 2023, we tender out to 8 suppliers.

Wholesale costs are what the supplier is paying for the water, default costs are what the client will be charged if they aren’t in a water contract.

Only the supplier’s management fee can be negotiated as the majority of the price is the wholesaler’s costs.

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