With organisations at different stages of their net zero journey, the route ahead can be fraught with as many difficulties as opportunities for positive change.

Most people don’t embark on a long and challenging journey without checking the route first – and this is where Consultus provides you with a measurable advantage, with expert advice, guidance and practical help at every step.

The Consultus Net Zero Pathway is a unique sector and technology agnostic asset, awarded ‘Best Technology Business Solution’ at the 2021 Energy Live News awards. It delivers a clear and understandable bespoke pathway for your own organisation to achieve its net zero goals within defined time lines.

Plan your speed and direction of travel

Self-service or guided support means you can explore your options and move at a pace that suits you and your people, developing your strategy and agreeing roles and responsibilities in a planned and orderly way.

Activities and insights are structured around four main elements: Sustainability HealthcheckLevel of AmbitionInitiative Analysis and Action Plan.

Importantly, the output is a strategic Board Pack based on real-world insights, costings and goals: indicative outputs based on actual costs, with full feasibility studies and investment-grade audits available.

In a logical step-by-step way, the Net Zero Pathway means you can

  • Understand trends and baselines
  • Establish all stakeholder ambitions
  • Build specific Strategies and Action Plans
  • Identify the most appropriate demand-led initiatives
  • Evidence and justify key investment decisions
Net Zero

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