Carbon and Energy reduction is a central plank in achieving your net zero targets. We offer a huge range of projects, technologies and activities to help – including a full wraparound ‘Energy as a Service’ model.

We can help you to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce your carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency while making a difference to the environment – using the energy reduction methods and funding streams that make most sense for your organisation.

You can access any energy-related service you need, as standalone initiatives or as part of an end-to-end energy reduction package. This includes funded energy reduction programmes (FERP) and performance contracts to actively reduce emissions while delivering guaranteed annual savings.

Our Net Zero Pathway tool provides customised options and indicative costs based on your set-up, preferences and time lines. Our people can also guide you through the different costs, stages and benefits.

We take away the complexity of tendering, procurement, supply and performance as part of your net zero journey: delivering precisely what you need, helping you reduce consumption and use more sustainable lower cost energy.

The savings you generate can be used to cover EaaS charges – savings achieved via world class energy and engineering know-how, improved O&M, innovative technology, and analytics and reporting.

You pay a simple regular fee for your service, with complete transparency in costs and deliverables.

With the EaaS model, we take care of all aspects of energy supply, management and project delivery in line with your net zero and energy reduction goals. We can cover any and all aspects of technology, tendering, negotiation and project installation, and ongoing management in accessing cleaner power and improved energy efficiency.

The flexibility you need

Consultus EaaS can be sized and delivered to cover any aspect of your site demand and renewable energy needs, including lighting, combined heat and power systems (CHP), cooling, energy recovery projects and low carbon systems.

With no up-front capital outlay, you can focus your energies and budgets on other business-critical activities. Contracts can be classed as an operating expense and you can reserve your existing banking covenants.

Improve your company’s green credentials and get closer to net zero:

  • Focus on achieving immediate carbon reductions and cost savings with reduced risk
  • Energy audit and modelling reveal opportunities
  • Energy and site audits by industry specialists accurately forecast usage and likely savings
  • Environmental benefits include reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Maintenance, asset upgrades and supply of consumables included in service costs
  • Analytics and optimisation, including artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Improve the operations and extend the lifespan of heating, cooling and lighting assets

This low-risk funded turnkey solution delivers 20-30% cost savings through assured energy reductions.

A trusted net zero partner, we currently manage energy valued at £1.4 billion and have deep experience in managing projects up to £150 million in value. We are 100% independent of suppliers.

  • Funding options include energy performance contracts with shared savings, and third party funding.
  • Consultus expertise including comprehensive audit & analysis, risk reduction, procurement, bespoke engineering, equipment installation, commissioning and monitoring, and ongoing management.
  • Innovative energy solutions use the latest technology, intelligent building design and advanced Building Models, underpinned by inhouse software and energy modelling IP: we operate, maintain, monitor, analyse and validate.

Whatever you need in energy reduction, Consultus experts will identify, negotiate, buy and deliver the most sustainable and economical supply arrangements on your behalf.

We balance the imperative to go green with the need to better manage and control costs, removing  uncertainty, mitigating risk and optimising your energy supplies.

Consultus market intelligence, procurement and risk teams constantly monitor and track markets, prices and products. We have a deep understanding of trends and direction of travel at all times in terms of renewables, opportunities and risks, across sectors and borders. This means we can advise on and initiate the right course of action to meet your specific energy demand and net zero targets.

Our insights are particularly useful for organisations that want a fully managed service: you may not have specialist buying expertise in-house but still want the greenest best-value supply contracts.

We have longstanding experience and resources in delivering turnkey onsite generation, private wire and other Energy Resilience projects across diverse sectors.

We offer you a complete solution for private wire generation including renewables, and with various funding options. Our approach combines world-class design and installation of prime generating equipment with unique trading and energy optimisation services.

Importantly, we also deliver the feasibility studies, investment grade audits (IGA), evidence-based insights and other due diligence required to underpin the business case and investments required to build a more sustainable future. This includes advising on all funding options available to support your net zero strategy and energy reduction investments.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

PPAs can help you to go greener faster, improving your energy security and reducing market price risk. They are long-term agreements between an energy consumer who wants to buy 100% renewable energy and a power producer.

Standard industry practice is to outsource PPAs to a trusted third party to manage the project and ongoing operations. PPA energy can also be sleeved into or offset against an existing supply contract.

The greatest benefits are delivered through onsite PPA arrangements. Providing renewable energy with no third party charges, generation assets are physically installed and commissioned behind the metering point of the energy consumer.

  • Onsite generation plant are typically funded by the energy consumer and delivered via a turnkey solution with a trusted provider.
  • Options include direct wire connections from an adjacent generating plant.
  • If you generate more energy than you need, it can be sold back to the market and exported via your normal network connection.

Watch this video to find out more about PPAs from Consultus.

We offer the A-Z of energy supply, sustainability, building design, energy resilience, mechanical, electrical and related services. This means we can support any development and energy reduction project in any location and for any sector.

Consultus expertise includes:

  • Construction and contracts including access to funding, wayleaves, access rights, title and deeds, operation and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Energy performance contracts to improve energy efficiency, including retrofits of buildings and installing energy saving measures to reduce carbon emissions and deliver guaranteed annual cost savings.
  • Connection agreements covering how and where projects are hooked-up to the grid.
  • Supply agreements including volumes and pricing of energy to be generated or provided, and accounting for the costs of renewable incentive schemes (e.g. ROCs, RGGOs).
  • Customer supplier contracts – these often need renegotiating based on, say, import of PPA volumes and take or pay clauses, using anticipated generation profiles, and balancing risk.

By 2040, 67% of vehicles sold in Europe will be electric. Reshaping transport and logistics – moving to Electric Vehicles (EVs) – is a key element in reducing emissions on your net zero journey. Our experts can help you make the transition to an electric future cleanly and cost-effectively.

A world-class net zero and EV consulting partner, we can advise on the best approaches and then deploy next-generation platforms and intelligent networks to drive the EV revolution. This includes 98% annual uptime, proactive station monitoring, 24/7 driver support, and rapid repair or replacement of defective charging stations.

We also advise on the most appropriate equipment and fleets for your organisation, including charging infrastructure. This includes robust, reliable and flexible hardware, with devices that are easy to use and safe for drivers, including interactive video displays. Easy payment options can include contactless cards, mobile apps and RFID.

In driver services, our networks can notify EV users when, say, their vehicle is fully charged, the nearest charging point, or when a station becomes available. We help you to deploy durable charging stations that are physically secure, designed to cope with all weather conditions. Network management is also easy, via a user-friendly web portal.

The software is similarly flexible, enabling operators and managers to manage and measure energy usage, costs and revenue. Fleet managers can track vehicle charging, and pay for fuel if vehicles need to be charged at other stations. All of this means you can truly benefit from the EV revolution.

Find out more about our electric vehicle and EV infrastructure services here

Consultus is proud to set the benchmark for an open, ethical and transparent approach to tendering, procuring and managing your energy requirements.

We are an award-winning provider: at the Energy Live News awards 2020 (TELCAs), Consultus was named the Most Trusted Consultancy (Large) for the second year running.

Not all energy suppliers carefully audit the brokers they deal with, and unfortunately the energy industry has developed a reputation for sharp practices and hidden costs. We are different. A pioneer in utility markets, Consultus has a reputation for openness, trusted market intelligence and ethical working practices. This is one factor behind an annual client retention rate of around 97 percent.

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