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Giving your employees an understanding into where they can be saving energy is key to helping your business reach its Net Zero goals. We have provided an interactive solution for businesses to allow their teams to interact virtually with their work space allowing for a more fun way to navigate and learn about energy.

Discover is an interactive, 3D virtual energy awareness tool to engage your company and colleagues to help work towards meeting your Net Zero and sustainability energy goals while also working towards your CSR mission.

Discover has been designed to increase employee engagement by providing an interactive way for them to experience energy and money saving measures around the business through a unique way.

The fully intuitive user interface will allow you to move around the business using hotspots which pinpoint locations where energy savings can be achieved. As well as these location hotspots, the information hotspots will provide tips on how you can save energy and will state some figures to better give you an idea of how much can be saved.

Once employees are familiar with these tips, there are opportunities to put their knowledge to the test through quizzes. Each quiz will start with a short clip about various appliance which use energy and this is then followed by short quiz which will award employee with a certificate upon completion.

Along with quizzes, Discover will allow you and your team to make pledges on doing certain actions which can save energy around the business. Each pledge area will show figures on how much energy can be saved.

Discover will be available in three different packages each with varying levels of access to the content management system so you can be sure you’ll find the right package for your business.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to get more interactive with your energy saving measures and engage the whole business.

Dave Peake - Chief Commercial Officer

“From talking to our customers, we have identified the challenges they are facing with engaging their teams to understand the importance of how small changes can have a big impact on a company’s carbon footprint. Discover takes an interactive approach which immediately engages employees and makes the learning process far more interesting and memorable.”

David Peake, Director of Net Zero

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