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Another Consultus Success

We love to gain more knowledge in our quest for everyone within our business to be sustainability savvy. One of our leaders in all things Net Zero is Natalie Dunbar, who recently completed an 8-week course called “Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions.” This course was ran by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

About the Course

The course spanned over eight modules surrounding the physical impacts of climate change and how these are linked to risks and opportunities associated with the net zero transition. Alongside this, the course also explored the role we can play in building sustainable business models that are resilient and profitable in a net zero economy.

Natalie Dunbar went on to say:

“Whilst we often think of the direct physical impacts of climate change it really opened my eyes to the much broader indirect impacts it can have to the environment, economy and society as a whole.  Equally, it provided an interesting insight into what a net zero world would look like, particularly around changes to current working practices and the importance of innovation and leadership.  The course provided a great overview of different frameworks that can be implemented to incorporate into business strategy and build on business models that are resilient for the future, some of which will be incorporating into our own business strategy going forward.”

Continuous Development is one of our core values and culture here at Consultus. We are always looking to develop our teams and therefore provide our customers with a better service and the ability to advise and support them to our fullest potential.

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