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Case Study: Clermont Hotels

The Clermont Hotel Group have a driving force behind their Net Zero journey and are building a sustainable model for acquiring green energy.


The Clermont Hotel Group encompasses 17 hotels, with over 5,000 bedrooms and more than 120 meeting and event spaces across London.

Locations include spectacular Thames riverside properties, historic railway hotels and sites in Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, to Marble Arch and Tower Bridge.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is high on their agenda, as they work to create a positive impact on the natural resources and communities in which they operate.

Their ESG agenda outlines the areas they have prioritised for effort and investment, along with activities taking place at a corporate level, as well as local initiatives at individual hotels.

The Clermont Group were seeking help, to strengthen their renewable energy credentials, and decided to work with a trusted and independent consultancy.


For the procurement and management of energy, the Consultus International Group were able to provide reassurance and near-term price locking, thus ensuring budget certainty.

Placing a flexible supply contract has enabled the Clermont Group to benefit from Consultus’ risk management strategies and market intelligence.

Their dedicated consultant is delivering a bespoke approach, based on a judgement call when pricing signals are identified, protecting the customer against market volatility.

Consultus’ exclusive online portal, myEnergy, is housing all of their cost and consumption data, where energy and sustainability performance can be accurately measured.

Energy charges received are ratified by Consultus’ Bureau Services team, through Bill Validation invoice processing, which has already queried and resolved major discrepancies.


The Clermont Group are making cost savings, compared to energy acquired at the market average rate, within 12 months of the working relationship.

Taking advantage of the lower rates available has proved beneficial, against their starting point, for their use of electricity and gas.

Consultus are undertaking a water tender, too, on behalf of the client, along with reviewing their past invoices and metering requirements, offering a range of solutions for the latter.

The Clermont Group are moving forward with their sustainability targets, having engaged with Consultus’ award-winning Net Zero Pathway, beginning with site audits and workshops.

This includes meeting SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) and ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) compliance.


Robert Harrigan, Group Financial Controller for The Clermont Hotel Group, said: “Consultus have been able to provide a good level of support with our energy hedging.

“We have also benefitted from the advice on leaving months unhedged, to allow us to take advantage of lower rates, when available.

“Consultus are responsive to requests, outside of our standard monthly meetings, and the online tools available to us are useful, in analysing consumption and pricing.

“Furthermore, Consultus have supported us in strengthening our energy renewable credentials through our recent tender, introducing Your Pure Green.”

How can Consultus support your business? Let’s find out. To contact us, call 0330 221 1000, fill out an enquiry form or utilise the live webchat function. To learn more about us, click here.

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