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Our Cost Optimisation & Recovery Audit (CORA) provides a hassle free approach to helping you claim back money you are potentially owed and optimise your costs moving forward. Our team will investigate, identify and look to obtain refunds, credits and ongoing cost reductions in the electricity/gas charges levied to deliver your business cost savings.

Is This Service Free?

If there is a saving found, then the saving benefit is shared to cover the time and work involved in accurately reporting and auditing your energy bills. However, if no cost reduction or saving can be found – no fee will be payable.

Services Carried Out

The different types of checks being carried out will vary depending on your portfolio contracts you have, whether it’s fixed or flex. Some of the checks carried out can include:

  • Consumption Data
  • Billed Periods
  • Non-commodity charges
  • Meter Details
  • Residual Charging Bands
  • Associated MPANs
  • Capacity reviews
  • Plus more……

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“Our experience using CORA resulted in Consultus making a recommendation which saved the business over £3,000 in one year.  We would not have had the time or expertise to look into this ourselves and it has come with peace of mind that we’ve avoided excess charges.”

Sansetsu UK Ltd

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