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EV Market Insight

The demand for electric vehicles has rapidly increased.  The wide choice of vehicles now available this has meant that figures in registered electric vehicles and hybrids in the UK have rose to an estimated 750,000.

Electric Vehicles on the road

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), electric vehicle ownership continues to grow rapidly, as billions of pounds of automotive industry investment in zero-emission cars, vans, trucks, buses and coaches delivers an ever-growing choice of models. Nearly three quarters of a million vehicles on the road today can be plugged in, including 720,053 cars, 26,990 vans, 993 buses and 313 trucks.

Although EVs now account for one in five new car registrations, they still make up for around one in 50 cars actually being on the road. This shows that there is still quite a long way to go in convincing the general public to move to electric and that the UK has the infrastructure to support it. SMMT also claims that around 60% of EVs are registered to companies rather than private individuals for personal use. This shows that there is a high incentive for businesses to uptake EVs than there is for private buyers.

Number of EVs

The SMMT report also shows that the petrol and diesel cars make up around 58.6% and 37.1%, respectively, of the total number of cars on the road totalling up to 95.7%.

A third of all plug in car ownership is in London and in the Southeast. The Northeast accounts for the lowest amount of plug-in car ownership. The SMMT stresses that more awareness around the importance of  an electric future and solid infrastructure is needed in preparation for the new petrol and diesel vehicle sales ban by 2030.

Benefits of going electric

If you’re a business looking to integrate an EV infrastructure into your workplace and culture then it could bring many benefits to both employer and employee, including –

  • A reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Raising staff engagement and commitment towards your Zero plan
  • Providing an extra staff benefit with discounted charging rates
  • Cheaper for employees to drive – saving on fuel costs
  • Saving on National Insurance

If your business is looking into electrifying your fleet or getting your site ready for electric vehicles, then Consultus can help you. We will help you with creating a strategy and looking into your CO2 emissions to support you with the adoption of an EV Infrastructure.

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