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Sansetsu saves money with Consultus Paycheck

Sansetsu, a manufacturer of protective packaging solutions committed to optimizing energy usage, managing risk and controlling costs, has made substantial cost savings through the Consultus Paycheck service.

Paycheck is a no win, no fee service where we deliver cost savings for clients by investigating ways to obtain refunds, credits and ongoing cost reductions against their business electricity and gas charges.

If our team are successful with a refund claim or reduction in costs, the saving benefit is shared to cover the time and work involved in accurately auditing and reporting on clients’ sites, supplies and utilities.  If we find that no savings we can’t find ways to reduce costs then the client doesn’t have to pay anything*.

As a no win, no fee service, Paycheck is a low-risk exercise that can deliver significant financial gain.

“Our experience using PayCheck resulted in Consultus making a recommendation which saved the business over £3,000 in one year.  We would not have had the time or expertise to look into this ourselves, and I now have peace of mind that we’ve avoided excess charges”- Sansetsu UK Ltd

Visit this page to request more information about how we can save you money through Paycheck

Or find out more about how Consultus helps Sansetsu in other ways, read the Sansetsu Case Study.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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