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Alison Whiteman

Starting at The Energy Brokers Ltd in 1994, I joined as a receptionist (3rd member of a growing team). As the business began to grow, I was successful in setting up our Procurement Team, who were responsible for all Fixed price contracts.  During this 10-year period I achieved 3 further promotions, all in leadership positions.

In 2010, I changed my career path and moved over to the customer facing side of the business, where I successfully managed a Client Management team.

This continued until 2015 when, after a MBO Consultus International Group was formed, we went through a company restructure.  This led me to the role of Head of Customer Service, where over a 9-month period I set up a successful Customer Service team.

The final piece of the jigsaw was then formed when I applied for an Executive Leadership Programme, that Consultus had launched for its Senior Leadership team.  The programme was designed to find the Directors of the future.  I was successful after proposing and implementing a business case for the future, initially as an Associate Director and more recently as Customer Experience Director.

Working for Consultus provides huge opportunity for its employees and I am living proof that through hard work, focus and determination the sky is the limit.  Investment in our people is paramount to the success of our business.

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