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UK Government Release Plans to Bolster Energy Security

By Conor Klapatyj, Risk Management Specialist, Consultus International "Building resilience requires the UK to generate more power from domestic source." As spring begins, the coming season provides certainty of new life, warmer weather, and lighter days. Yet the shadow of…

Gas Power Station

Gas and Power Market Position Update

April 2022 Current Market The Russian invasion of Ukraine led to strong volatility and a rise in contract prices across March. Russian supply makes up to 40% of Europe's use of gas and sanctions could hamper the ability to receive…

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What factors will affect energy prices in 2022?

After a turbulent 2021, it appears that there is little respite for energy markets so far in 2022. Energy prices continue to dominate news stories across Europe prompting discussions from households to within the highest offices of government. What are…

New myEnergy Portal Revamp

If you’re already a user of our myEnergy portal, you will have seen some exciting changes. myEnergy is designed to provide customers with data and analytics relating to their utility portfolio in one location, that can be accessed at any…

Energy Insight Week 44 October 2019

Winter-21: A Paradigm Shift in Energy Markets

“Unprecedented” was a deservedly much-overused word during 2020 as the global pandemic took hold and put everyday life (as we knew it) on hold. In the energy industry, however, 2021 certainly now deserves to continue that moniker, as prices for…

Energy Insight Week 31 July 2020

Interconnector Fire Adds to UK Supply Uncertainty

The fire at a converter station on a UK-France electricity interconnector has created additional uncertainty in a market already grappling with record high prices. The 2GW connector with the European mainland is supposed to support the UK network, providing additional…

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